Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- Ebru 

Howdy fellow soapers and others who might be reading! This month’s soap challenge was to create soap using the Ebru technique. To be honest, the hardest part was choosing a design that could be done with soap and trying not to make it overly complex. You don’t have too long to make intricate designs before soap batter starts to thicken. 

I wish I had a couple more tries to make other designs I had in mind but ugh! Need more time and energy! I’m less than a month a way from my due date (yes pregnant!). But, as always, had loads of fun exploring the new technique and giving it a shot!

So here it is in the mold:  

Kitties and flowers using a single skewer.

I started with a plain blue/green background and did a little swirl (with a single skewer) on half for the background. 


Then I added the kitties and flowers.

I wanted the flowers and kitties to pop out a bit to add something special to the soap. So at a little thicker trace I poured in the flowers (using ketchup/squirt bottles).

I took my inspiration from many photos but this one gave me the biggest idea for the background:


Thanks for reading and big thanks to Amy Warden for hosting another wonderful challenge! Sorry I was short and didn’t take too many pictures! I’m trying to make the deadline 🙂 and this pregnant lady needs some sleep (it’s almost 1am!). Hehe.


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7 responses to “Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- Ebru 

  1. Lina

    The yellow and white background is so pretty

  2. Kitties!!!! 🙂 Love how unique and special your soap turned out to be. The chevron pattern looks so neat as a background and the kitties are so fun! The flowers look like they are all heaped up, which is super cute. Well done, and best wishes on the rest of your pregnancy!! Congrats!

  3. Caroline, I admire your energy! When I was a month away from my due date the only thing I could think about was sleep, sleep and more sleep (who said that pregnant women have sleep problems?)
    The soap above looks like a picture which I would not hesitate putting in our kid’s room. Clean and beautiful work.

  4. Bubbles And Squeak Soap

    Aw I love your kitties!!

  5. Hi! This was a fun challenge, don’t you think? I love your background color, do you remember name… I also wonder if you have any info on your slab mold? Does it work well, are you happy with it?

    Best whishes


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