Cafe de Savon Acrylic Molds and Soapmaking Supplies

Cafe de Savon (a popular Japan online soap shop)

Recently I’ve been asked by many soapers about Cafe de Savon’s acrylic molds. Even though translated, Cafe de Savon’s global rakuten shop might be hard to navigate if you can’t read Japanese. So here’s my attempt at helping those soapers who are interested.



There’s 3 basic sizes for log molds (first link under each is the full set including the extra plate. And the second, is without the plate. I’d recommend the plate set in order to push out the soap neatly):IMG_3493

1. Cafe mold-

Inside dimensions: 9.8 inches (L) x 2.6 inches (W) x 2.4 (H)

2. Milk mold

Inside dimensions: 7 5/8″ (L) x 2 5/8″ (W) x 3 (H)

3. Tall mold

Inside dimensions: 9.8″ (L) x 1.8″ (W) x 3.3″ (H)

There’s also half size molds of each style. These are great for test batches or making soap for personal use.

1. Cafe half size mold:

2. Milk half size mold:

3. Tall half size mold:


“More type” mold:

(this one is longer than the basic molds above)

15.7″ x 2.4″ x 2.4″


Brownie mold:

6 4/8″ (H) x 6 4/8″ (L) x 2 1/8″ (H)


I have the milk, tall and brownie mold. I love the milk mold the best :). It’s the widest of the log molds and I fill the soap up all the way to the top to maximize the space. I think the skinny mold produces soaps that feel a bit like guest-size soaps. Still nice to have! The brownie mold is great as long as you’re ok with the size. You can get 4-6 bars decent sized bars depending how you cut. I didn’t care to buy the cafe mold because it was less wide than the milk mold.


Styrofoam cube:

This helps push the soap out of the mold

It definitely helps! You’ll want something to help evenly push out your soap. I’m sure you can just cut out some styrofoam to fit or find something else will help push it out. It was less than $2 so I just bought it and def don’t regret it!

Should I buy the mold with or without the extra plate?

As an example, this “milk type” log mold includes the plate:

And this one doesn’t include the plate:

I’d go with the mold that includes the plate. So after you make your soap and after gel/ or 24 hrs later, you remove the bottom tray (and Saran Wrap), and you place that plate underneath the soap and cube underneath the plate to push the soap out. So the cube isn’t touching your soap when pushing out. The cube pushes on the plate which evenly and nicely pushes out the soap. It’s nice and simple (even if I make it sound complicated)! Pretty much the plate helps not dent or harm your soap while pushing it out and fits perfectly. I included some YouTube videos (not my YouTube videos, videos I’ve found) to help understand the process and to show the products better). (See bottom of the page)

Acrylic mold handles:


They’re suppose to be for the “Milk type” or “cafe type” log molds. Looks like you’re suppose to attach them to each end to help have a better grip while pushing out the soap. I don’t think this is necessary at all but reviewers love them! (See first YouTube video link at the bottom of the page)

Other soaping items that I love :)-

Soap cutter items:


To mix lye solution:

I have a big container with my masterbatch lye solution and use this one to measure out some of the solution for each use. I love the lid! No spillage! 🙂

Alphabet stamp:


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2 responses to “Cafe de Savon Acrylic Molds and Soapmaking Supplies

  1. Amy

    Dear Caroline, first of all, let me just say, WOW!, you are so incredibly talented! I love your blog, and am so grateful to have found it. I was from the SMF, and you helped me navigate this website. I’m still struggling with checkout etc…but I think it’s my ipad. I’m getting a laptop soon (on back order), and hope to finally be able to purchase what I want. Congratulations on your upcoming addition to your family! Those are such exciting days. I miss them. Not sure if it’s your first, but enjoy every moment! Thanks again for your generous sharing on your blog and on the forum. I for one truly appreciate the help! Wishing you much luck in the upcoming mini dessert challenge. They look amazing! I’m not ready for a challenge just yet, but look forward to trying this at a later date. Unless there’s a boobie prize in the challenges, I’m definately out. You guys blow me away with your talent! Thanks again for everything. Will continue to follow your blog!
    Sincerely, Amy aka cactuslily

    • merrydaysoaps

      Let me know if you need anymore help with anything! Can’t wait for you to join the challenges (when you’re ready) :)!

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