Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- DNA Helix Swirl

This month, as part of the Soap Club Challenge, Amy Warden (Great Cakes Soapworks) definitely challenged us with the DNA Helix Swirl technique. Let me tell you, this technique was much harder than it seemed!

1. Mixed oils together. Olive oil made up 60% of my recipe. The rest included rice bran, macadamia oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.

2. Using a mini-mixer, I blended colorants with a bit of oil from my combined oils. Decided to go with the following colorants: TD, green liquid pigment/ chromium oxide, rose clay, purple ultramarine powder, and activated charcoal. I wanted my base/bottom layer to be black (activated charcoal).
Special tools: Ketch-up or squeeze bottles and chopstick or skewer.

2. At thin trace, I divided the soap to color. More than half was colored with activated charcoal for the base. And the rest was divided, colored and transferred into squeeze bottles.
3. Next, I poured the black colored soap into the mold.
2. Then, I used the squeeze bottles to lay the rest of the colored soap on top of the base in horizontal lines.
3. Then, with a skewer, I followed this pattern:
The results should look something like this:
4. Finally, the hardest part, in my opinion- the vertical s-like pattern:
One line at a time, like this (only neater 🙂 ):
And TADA!IMG_3148-1IMG_3147-2
Well, it’s not perfect! Hehe. I could’ve made my the s-pattern lines more uniform. But, I do like the colors! And using the green on half of mold turned out pretty interesting.
Next time, I’ll probably play with that idea. Maybe bring in-and-out colors?

Thanks for reading! And a big” thank you” to Amy Warden for hosting a wonderful club challenge every month!!

Can’t wait until the next challenge! 🙂 Until then, I started some dessert soap! Made some pie crust and about to top these donuts off with some icing and sprinkles! 🙂


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10 responses to “Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- DNA Helix Swirl

  1. I love those triple holed squeeze bottles! They really give you a unique look – and keeping the green on half of the soap was a great idea as well! Did you say dessert soap? 🙂

  2. Have not seen those type of squeeze bottles before. Interesting! Really like where the green shows through in the swirl.

    • merrydaysoaps

      Three-hole squeeze bottles are popular here in Japan for sauces for some of their dishes like okonomiyaki.
      Thanks! I do like the green portion too!

  3. This looks so sophisticated! Really beautiful.

  4. I love these subtle colours, and your swirl technique looks great to me!

  5. Kathy Singer (soaplilysoaps)

    Love the soap colors and your tutorial, overlaying the design on top of your pictures is a great idea. Three hole squeeze bottles, who knew?! Thanks for posting info about them and for making such a lovely soap, great job! (soaplilysoaps)

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