Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- Chopstick Swirl

This is my second time participating in Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club. I managed to squeeze in some soap-making despite family visiting from overseas!

This month we were required to use the spoon/chopstick swirl technique. I’ve never done this before but was excited to try!

I decided to test out some new natural colorants- cocoa powder and azuki beans powder! With limited time, I didn’t document the process with photos. But here’s how it went:
1. Chose colorants- TD, azuki beans powder, cocoa, yellow pigment, red pigment.
2. At medium-thick trace I layered the soap.
3. Then, swirled a chopstick in mostly a vertical/up-down motion.
4. Topped it with some gold mica.

Here we are!
Azuki Bean Cocoa Soap



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12 responses to “Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- Chopstick Swirl

  1. This soap looks so yummy that I wish it weren’t soap but a real wagashi. I love the color combination and the swirls are great!

  2. Really nice swirls! I love the earthy colors, too.

  3. It’s beautiful!! Amazing colors and swirl design!!

  4. Its the first time I know about Adzuki beans powder … I’m wondering how ttaste and how used ? It’s like cocoa? I love the color ! All the colors ! Adzuki it’s very interesying for me … great soap ! The fragance is Adzuki and cocoa ? Looks great ! :0)

    • merrydaysoaps

      In Japan, Azuki beans are used to make cuisines, sweetened to make desserts, mixed to be eaten with rice, and so on. It’s very popular. The color in soap is way lighter than cocoa. It’s my first time using it, so i’m keeping a close eye on it. The fragrance is a tiny anount of cocoa, and vanilla (to match the TD). I wanted to keep the fragrance light to see if the azuki beans would come through at all or not. Thanks a lot for your interest πŸ™‚

  5. What a beautiful Soap! Love your colors and swirls!

  6. Great colours – loving the fact they’re natural too! Beautiful

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